Three words again…

Friday, 19th November

• THREE-WORD slogans:

£350million (pw) for NHS.
Take back control.
Get Brexit done…
Should We Update?
The pandemic’s aftershock.
Shift the goalposts.
Bend the rules.
A corruption scandal?
“Not remotely corrupt”.
Grand scale deception?
Elected lawmakers’ vagaries.
Three-line whip.
Break international laws.
Scrap Commons’ rulebook.
Standards Committee findings.
Lobbying rules breaches.
Conflict of interest.
Lucrative second jobs.
Everything for sale.
£3million for peerage.
Hubristic Parliamentary behaviour.
Slew of sleaze.
Deny any wrong-doing.
Refusal to apologise.
PM’s egomaniac chutzpah.
Cavalier attitudes persist.
Downing Street redecoration.
Bertie Booster tub-thumping.
Dishevelled clownery mask.
Mindless optimism prevalent.
Levelling with public
or fake “levelling up”?
Loss of trust.
Fragile supply chains.
increasing labour shortages.
Rising energy prices.
Mounting economic difficulties.
Winter of discontent…


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