We require proper speed humps that are fit for purpose

Friday, 24th June

• THE speed humps installed by Westminster City Council in recent years seem to do little or nothing to reduce speeding in some districts.

Drivers and riders simply shoot across them, usually accompanied by the sound of a dull thump.

Known as sinusoidal humps (something to do with our noses being damaged by pollution?), these have evidently been added as part of resurfacing schemes. They ought to slow down speeding motorists and motorcyclists.

Traditionally speed humps have been opposed by motoring groups. Added to this, councils view their task as being to keep the traffic moving. Unfortunately for both organisations there are people around!

Pedestrians, the most vulnerable of road users, need to be able to walk about and to cross roads safely. Improvements in health care mean growing numbers of elderly and disabled people wanting to get out and about.

We require proper speed humps that are “fit for purpose”. They are normally inexpensive and can be installed within an hour’s work. They ought to become increasingly commonplace.


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