When a knock on the door can prompt a fearful response

Thursday, 4th March 2021 — By John Gulliver

AN electrician apparently found himself being chased by a council tenant with a cricket bat after he knocked on her King’s Cross door to check the wiring.

This happened recently in Camden I heard, following letters sent to a council block informing tenants of their five-year installation check.

The woman swinging the bat was obviously afraid of infected outsiders coming into her home in these days of Covid fear.

I gather the electrician from Openview Security Solution Ltd beat a hasty retreat having been warned by his manager that was the best reaction.

A more polite reaction came from 71-year-old Harvey Bass, who is suffering from leukaemia. When he received a letter from Openview suggesting dates and times his wiring had to be inspected he contacted the council, his landlords at Tonbridge House, King’s Cross, to warn them that under no circumstances would any workman be allowed in his home.

I heard of the tale of the swinging bat after contacting Openview, one of whose officials told me that “they get all sorts” when they go knocking on doors but that they are always advised to beat a hasty retreat. “I have just been told,” he said, “that one of our men had to quickly dodge a group of teenagers who were having a fight when he set out to knock on a door.”

There has clearly been an email shot sent to tenants in recent weeks by Openview because several readers have had to warn them against allowing outsiders in their homes.

Openview, it seems, appear to be willing to re-arrange times and dates, but are constrained by laws setting out deadlines for rewiring.

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