When police fail to act

Thursday, 16th June


The Met helicopters did nothing [Peter Trimming_CC by 2.0]

• YOUR correspondent (Cops’ chopper spoilt the party, June 9), draws attention to the annoying noise, but what is outrageous is that there was a situation on that day that they should have noticed and dealt with.

People wanting to see the RAF flypast were sensibly trying to get to Green Park via its tube station and the two either side; but the gates at the junction with Half Moon Street were locked.

The pavements of Piccadilly were so full that new people arriving were pushing others into the four lanes of fast-moving traffic. The helicopters did nothing.

I saw more than half a dozen officers from various forces, including Transport for London and British Transport Police, all with radios, and all standing around enjoying the sunshine.

I rebuked most of them and told a BTP officer that there was a Hillsborough incident approaching. He said I was exaggerating. I was but, at the rate that people were continuing to pour out of the three tube stations, a pre-Hillsborough scenario could turn into a full-blown disaster in minutes.

He did nothing. He could have radioed his boss or he could have stopped the road. I think he could have got the gates opened and in view of what could have happened very rapidly. He should have.

And before anyone says that he would have had to navigate layers of authority to do so, in view of the urgency, the answer is no; all he needed was what they are known to have in stock – an angle grinder.


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