Where it all comes from is a mystery

OPINION: You can barely get a sheepish smile out of a Chelsea fan if you dare mention what the club’s success is founded on

Thursday, 24th February — By Richard Osley

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea football stock

HOW money ruined football, column 7,279. There are so many of these columns because no matter how many you write, nobody cares when they are winning. It’s the old red and white scarves at Old Trafford when United are on an up, but green and yellow “real” fan gear when they are on a downturn. Truth is you can barely even get a sheepish smile out of a Chelsea fan if you dare mention what the club’s modern era success is founded on. You’d think it had all happened organically. Roman Abramovich is an idol.

So, when MPs were this week asking for sanctions on wealthy Russians living in England amid the Ukraine crisis to include the Chelsea owner: were fans thinking, “right on, mate, it’s about time somebody started asking some questions” – or “yeah, but we won the Champions League, and if the planet is obliterated by World War 3 then we can say we were its last and forever winners”.

IT was bad enough that Jack Wilshere had to take his search for a new team to a betting company’s marketing department last month, but perhaps worse that still no English club came in for him after he had put himself through that. His “not Tottenham” line on the Paddy Power ads was funny, but perhaps less so now he’s ended up at Aarhus – the favourite team of Madness (’cos it’s in the middle of their street) – in Denmark.

The pain went on when he was subjected to a club website interview in which he almost went the full Robbie Keane – just stopping short of saying it had always been his dream to play in the Danish Superliga. All we can do is wish him well. Supporters of other teams think Wilshere was all hype but some of the things he did when he was free of injury and with his future in front of him were unforgettable.

• IS it possible to ever look at a match subjectively when you have entrenched feelings towards the clubs or a player involved. If we were able to remove the red and white sunglasses for just a couple of minutes and have a brief amnesty where nothing can be recorded or brought back up again, maybe we could all agree that Harry Kane’s performance against Manchester City was one of the best of the season.

The most you are going to get with criticising Kane, is that he’s a bit of a diver, but other than that he has developed into the complete package. One of the best. It is quite something that 18 months away from his 30th birthday – with all that sublime talent – he has won nothing.

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