Who cares about the mayor’s religion?

Friday, 20th May

• “WESTMINSTER City Council announces first ever Muslim Lord Mayor…” and it appears Labour are up to identity politics tricks.

What does Cllr Hamza Taouzzale’s religion have to do with anything?

The way the new city council have chosen to highlight the faith of their selection for the role of Lord Mayor sets a worrying precedent for their administration.

Surely one’s religion should be a private matter?

Perhaps it is also an antiquated part of an antiquated role that they have a chaplain.

Religion can be as ideological as politics and this is a non-partisan appointment. More to the point, it is not just a ceremonial job. The Lord Mayor is required to chair full council meetings.

I would have thought that a little more experience would be needed for a role that also involves promoting Westminster locally, nationally, and internationally, and representing the borough at important civic and ceremonial events (these descriptions are taken from the council’s 2020 mayor-making press release).

Cllr Taouzzale is 22 years old and has served for a single term so far. There is nothing wrong with giving young people a chance, but I feel this is a role which should be given for those with a longer period of service to the city council.

This selection, and way it has been announced, does not exactly inspire confidence for the future.


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