Who’d’ve thunk it?

Friday, 6th May

Parliament Pixabay no credit needed

Misogyny in parliament? Who could have predicted that?

• GOOD to see in these difficult days that at least Brexit has worked out well. Or rather it would have done.

But for the pandemic, we would have had all of those millions they put on the side of that bus pouring into the NHS each week.

And if Russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine our fuel prices would have fallen dramatically.

All of these totally unforeseen circumstances have conspired to rob us of all the benefits of “taking back control”.

And now the big queue of our fellow citizens waiting 10 weeks or more for a passport. And shortages of food, the breakdown in so many supply chains.

Mind you, I reckon that ridiculous fellow watching porn in the Commons triggered a lot of this stuff. After all, misogyny in parliament? Who could have predicted that?


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