Why can’t they all be like Harry?

OPINION: Spurs’ charming striker isn’t in it for the medals and the millions

Thursday, 11th March 2021 — By Richard Osley


WHAT a charming man Harry Kane has turned out to be. Despite being the England captain and his club’s most productive player, perhaps ever, you never read about him complaining about his contract or how little he is paid.

He is happy for less skilled players at other clubs to be paid twice as much. Don’t mind me, says Harry, pay me what you can – no rush.
No – Harry Kane never makes a fuss about his terms and conditions. At home, he must put the bins out without grumbling, never forgetting it’s Tuesdays; he never takes the last slice of cake without asking if anybody else wants it first; he always remembers a birthday, even his cousins.

Now more than halfway through his playing career, the 27-year-old clearly could have earned many more millions of pounds than he has, but he chose to stay all this time at Tottenham, zoning in on the team’s all-time goalscoring record. We’ve all got to have a dream.

He may not have a league title winners’ medal, or any medal (and surely he wouldn’t count the Carabao Cup, should Spurs win it this season). But he’d prefer to be loved by one set of supporters forever and not worry about such superficial things.

Instead he can tell his grandkids about the time Spurs thrashed Arsenal in the north London derby (gulp, is that this weekend) and how he shared a pitch with Gareth Bale. You don’t get a medal for that but Harry Kane is about the sky being blue and the sun being out, not trinkets.

Contrast that to bad Christian Eriksen.

What a meanie. After seven years at Tottenham, he showed no loyalty whatsoever and said he did actually want to win a medal at some stage in his career and signed for Inter Milan. After not playing for a few matches – matches that coincided with Spurs being briefly top of the league in England – and a couple of pictures of him looking a little sad, Tottenham fans crowed about how he must want to come home… but, no, no, no they wouldn’t want him now.

Christian The Crawler can crawl somewhere else, they effectively said, during a fraught January transfer window in which he was also linked with now higher-placed West Ham.

Eriksen didn’t come back to England and instead has played his way into the Inter team which is now heading the Italian league.

Some journalists in Milan talk about him now being a vital cog in this championship-chasing operation. There’s a very big chance that he may be holding a title winners’ medal in a few weeks. So what!

How many times do we have to learn from Harry Kane that winning one of the biggest prizes isn’t everything. Is it?

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