Why is our association selling these flats?

Friday, 22nd July

• WHAT are housing associations thinking, selling off irreplaceable central London properties, (Social housing flats sold on private market to pay for post-Grenfell safety works, July 14)?

Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA) has been a responsible social landlord in the past. But now they have damaged their own reputation, and their relationship with tenants, by putting flats up for sale with no consultation and without offering them to other social landlords first.

ISHA had £9million cash in the bank in its last published accounts, with total reserves over £80million and good access to loan finance. They do not need to rush.

The one flat in Newton Street that remains unsold should be taken off the market immediately, while everyone works together to find a better solution.

Chair, Covent Garden Community Association

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