Marx & Laski have never cut any ice with Labour voters

Thursday, 9th June

• AS they, er…we… say up north, who’da thowt it?

I wrote a succinct, rigorously argued, proof that the Labour Party is no more, (The Labour Party wins, but what about labour? May 27).

Now someone is calling me out, (The ‘Red Revolution’ is on hold, June 3). Let me respond.

Theorists like Karl Marx or Harold Laski have never cut any ice with Labour voters.

If army officers worried about an uprising it is interesting that the only evidence of this comes from the Women’s Royal Army Corps, but at least it shows these brave women were serving their country.

And what might doctors, who were largely against the NHS, have kept under their pillows as the bill went through?

In any case many army officers had been promoted from the ranks and had learned Jack was as good as his master and, come the election, voted accordingly.

The Red Wall is a tabloid fiction. There had been many Conservative seats in the north but after 1945 workers resolutely voted Labour.

However, having had their jobs and way of life ravaged by Thatcher and three elections voting for the popinjay Blair and his grisly Rasputin Mandelson, (what was Hartlepool thinking voting him in?) without any improvement, in desperation they turned to the Conservatives.

I hope it works out!


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