Lanzini’s leveller was a masterpiece

OPINION: West Ham man’s preposterous late goal was the most hilarious thing you will see this year

Thursday, 22nd October 2020 — By Richard Osley

spurs tottenham flag pixabay - no attribution needed

THERE are some moments that are so priceless, you don’t need some snarky football column to try and make it even funnier than it already is.

Sunday was a masterpiece in itself, there’s no need to finesse it further, no need for extra gloss. The reality is beautiful enough.

Tottenham Hotspur raced into a three-goal lead at home to West Ham United. People began tweeting that Spurs would now win their first league title since 1961 – the year George Clooney was born.

Then, in the last eight minutes of the match they contrived to not only concede three goals but for their special guy, Gareth Bale – the one it’s all been getting quite breathless about – to miss a sitter that would have won the match.

I couldn’t write anything better. Manuel Lanzini’s preposterous equaliser was the most hilarious thing you will see this year.

GOOD luck and get well soon to Virgil van Dijk on his recovery. Jordan Pickford’s mad monster foul is a terrible way to see a season potentially end before it’s even started.

The reaction by the media, however, would have you believe that no player has ever been seriously injured before.

Contrast this to Eduardo and Aaron Ramsay, who were both just the victims of enthusiastic challenges, you see. No malice. The boy’s not like that. He hasn’t got it in him.

While you may remember Ryan Shawcross’s name, you probably can’t even recall the player who ruined Eduardo. Pickford is going to be remembered a lot longer for his foul because of who it was against and the club he plays for.

Only a handful of players set out to cause such harm – one wrote about in his book – but in the main these are wild, rush of blood to the head moments that all sides wish hadn’t happened. But the story should be told the same way whoever it happens to.

• I’M starting to feel really sorry for Arsene Wenger. Has he gone bankrupt or something? The energy he is throwing into his book promotion tour has no bounds. He seems to really need this, bro.

This week in another never-ending run of interviews he had things to say about Mesut Ozil, the sacking of an Arsenal scout he liked and, aaaagain, whether he did or did not like Sir Alex Ferguson. He even turned up with a glass of wine on The Graham Norton Show talking to a presenter who had to pretend he had read his book.

The only solution is for us all to buy the book. Buy him a cuppa. And then, possibly only then, the great man won’t become an after dinner bore droning on about how he could have managed Manchester United if he wanted to.

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